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Exploration Adventure, Astroneer, Lands on Nintendo Switch

Astroneer has made first contact with the Nintendo Switch along with a shiny new launch trailer. Expore and survive on mysterious new worlds as you build bases and uncover the secrets of the universe. Team up with friends to tackle even larger building projects!

Exploration Adventure, Astroneer, Lands on Nintendo Switch

System Era Softworks has just unleashed Astroneer on the Nintendo Switch. Alongside it has landed a brand new launch trailer for the game. Astroneer is available as a 1.3GB download on the Switch eShop for $29.99. However, a physical release is set to arrive sometime in the February time frame. You can delve even deeper into the game at the official Astroneer website.

Astroneer now gives players on the Switch their chance to dive into an era of intergalactic exploration. Specifically, your great adventure takes place in the 25th century. Put your life on the line as you explore the far reaches of a massive solar system to make new discoveries. Plenty of secrets are still out there in the universe, waiting for someone to find them. Will you be the first to lay eyes on them?

ASTRONEER - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Like other exploration and building games, Astroneer on Switch lets players sculpt worlds however they like. Survive, explore, and reshape the terrain to your needs or desires. Build awesome bases and whatever else your imagination can conjure up. From sprawling complexes stretching across the surface to cramped subterranean bases, the choices are essentially limitless. If your projects get too large, you can also team up with a few friends in up to four-player online co-op multiplayer.

Astroneer may now be on the Switch, but it has also previously released on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation 4. You can also check out how the game did Early Access right when it launched on Steam. [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”4axdcha6j9″ question=”Are you ready to take on outer space on the Nintendo Switch?” opened=”1″]Are you ready to take on outer space on the Nintendo Switch?[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

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