Experience Room-Scale VR with Vusr Technology

Continuing its mission to solve the fragmentation of the virtual reality (VR) industry, Secret Location, a pioneering VR and technology studio, today revealed the latest update to Vusr, a first-of-its-kind, adaptable publishing platform.

Experience Room-Scale VR with Vusr Technology
Vusr is considered one of the top white-label methods for creators looking to easily publish, and distribute 360-degree video to any head-mounted-display; with today’s update it can now support real-time rendered content including room-scale VR and augmented reality (AR) content.

Vusr’s ability to distribute real-time rendered experiences that can be viewed in any HMD is already being used by world-leading publishers to distribute content to the masses. Much of VR and AR technology is applied to gaming but can be pushed beyond to offer vast applications from entertainment, news, social issues and business-level operations. Vusr is now the easiest solution for consumers to transport themselves into any experience, built for any occasion.

Allowing publishers to incorporate real-time rendered VR and AR content, and go beyond just 360 video, opens up endless possibilities.” said Secret Location President and Founder James Milward. “Removing barriers and simplifying distribution is going to accelerate the amount and quality of content we’re seeing in the industry, which is really what we need in order to grow it.

To learn more about Vusr’s capabilities and future endeavours, visit the official website. Secret Location can also be followed on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

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