Exit the Gungeon Coming to Switch Later Today

Gungeon enthusiasts, take note: Exit the Gungeon can be yours on the Nintendo Switch today! As announced via Nintendo's Indie World showcase this afternoon, Enter the Gungeon's spin-off title is making a home on Nintendo's mobile console before anywhere else.

Exit the Gungeon Coming to Switch Later Today

Off the massive success of Enter the Gungeon in 2016, Dodge Roll felt it appropriate to release more content. The conversely titled Exit the Gungeon, which was originally released in 2019 for mobile systems and Apple Arcade, is making its way to Nintendo Switch prior to any other home console.

Based on the above tweet, one can assume this version will house extra content that wasn’t available upon original release. What else this “2.0” moniker could suggest is anyone’s guess, as few details were given outside it.

Saved as the last announcement during Nintendo’s Indie World showcase, Exit the Gungeon will be available to purchase via Nintendo eShop later in the day. However, Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account also noted issues plaguing their online eShop in the following tweet:

Should they want to capitalize on today’s big indie releases, which also included Sky Racket, they will have to work quickly. And with the effects of the coronavirus epidemic altering everyday life, the servers may see a large boost in traffic.

Exit the Gungeon, at least story-wise, is a direct sequel to the events of Enter the Gungeon. Its bullet-hell, rogue-lite nature is still in place, only the dungeon-crawler aspect has been flipped to dungeon-climbing. The biggest appeal of all, aside from a 4.3/5 rating on the App Store, is the variety of hats to wear. What’s a classic escape without a top hat?

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