Ex-Witcher Developers Reveal New Game

Two former developers of The Witcher are moving on to something different. They've revealed Wanderlust: Travel Stories, an atmospheric adventure game telling the stories of a group of world travelers, illustrated with beautiful original photography. It will release on August 28 for PC and Mac via Steam, as well as iOS.
Ex-Witcher Developers Reveal New Game

Ex-Witcher Developers Reveal New Game

Two ex-developers of The Witcher have announced their newest project: Wanderlust: Travel Stories. This narrative-focused “interactive travelogue” will tell the stories of five “everyday explorers” and their experiences in traveling around the world. Players will experience the journey with them, guiding them to their destinations, packing their bags, and looking after their well-being.

Wanderlust is being developed by Different Tales. The studio was co-founded by Artur Ganszyniec, who was a lead narrative designer on The Witcher, and Jacek Brzeziński, who served as The Witcher’s project lead. Wanderlust will be the studio’s debut title. Watch the trailer below to see it in action; read further for more details.

Wanderlust Travel Stories release date trailer

Wanderlust aims to let players experience “the emotive genre of slow gaming,” and promises “diverse, grounded, and relatable storytelling.” It will also provide a fairly hefty amount of content, with 300,000 words and around 12 hours of gameplay. As can be seen in the reveal trailer, this will all be accompanied by original photography from the developers themselves.

Here’s what co-creator Artur Ganszyniec had to say about the project’s creation.

 “Ten years after I met with Jacek during our work on The Witcher, we decided to team up again to make a different kind of a story, something more grounded in reality and rooted in the common human experience.”

Wanderlust was born from Jacek’s love for travel and from my love for storytelling. We aimed to create something different. A bridge between literary experiences and gaming. A title that is meant to be taken in, experienced and felt.” 

“Perfect when you’re traveling — or wish that you were”

Wanderlust will release on August 28 for PC and Mac via Steam. It will also release on iOS.

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