Ex-Ubisoft Developer Now an Exec at D&D: Dark Alliance Developer Studio

Dominic Guay, who was credited for some of Ubisoft's most notable titles, is now leading a team of developers at a different company. Holding two high positions at the same time, the industry veteran promises a better future for the people in his company. Meantime, issues over workplace ethics became more apparent in the industry known for exploiting its workforce.

Ex-Ubisoft Developer Now an Exec at Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance Developer Studio

Dominic Guay, an ex-Ubisoft developer, is now an exec or vice president and general manager at Tuque Games.

The industry veteran was credited for being part of the development of titles like Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. But his more notable position includes becoming the head during the development of both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.

Officially a top brass, Guay holds power to influence Tuque Games’ developing projects moving forward. However, with Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance already nearing completion, it’s uncertain how affective he could be with the current project.

Although he may not have much of an influence over Dark Alliance, his high position in the company allows for exerting in other places. Which, according to him, would involve shaping the company’s culture through positivity and openness. Seemingly, as a means towards empowering those in the company’s employ and helping them better their craft.

D&D Dark Alliance - Official Gameplay Trailer

While cliché, the idea becomes more pressing in recent following allegations of poor treatment to people in the workforce. CD Projekt Red being a good example. One which gathered the public’s flak over issue of enforced crunching to its workforce. Conversely, it also raised companies who exhibit good work ethic, like Psychonauts 2 developer Double Fine, who don’t employ a similar drastic approach.

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