Ex-Bethesda Director Ikumi Nakamura Starts New Indie Studio

Ikumi Nakamura, ex-Bethesda developer who worked on Evil Within, has started her own studio. After leaving in 2019 due to health issues, she wanted to start this new indie company. With her career spending from Bayonetta to horror games like Evil Within and GhostWire: Tokyo, who knows what she is cooking up next.

Ex-Bethesda Director Ikumi Nakamura Starts New Indie Studio

Ikumi Nakamura, ex-Bethesda director who worked at Tango Gameworks, started her own indie studio.

In a documentary (seen below) on the developer, she goes into her story of getting into the industry and what led to her departure from the company behind The Evil Within. Due to health issues, she had to leave her team and her upcoming creation, GhostWire: Tokyo

“Back in the Capcom days, my seniors would be sleeping under their desks to make games, they were passionate to that point,” she said. “Although that wasn’t the case anymore, when you get ideas and work in a team, there can be some problems that come with it. It arrived to the point where it got on my health. You can’t make games if you’re not healthy. I started wondering whether there wasn’t a way for me to make games while feeling better.”

While she said, it was “really hard” to depart, especially as the upcoming horror game is the first she worked on as a creative director, referring to it as her “child.” Still, she decided to leave to better her health. On that day, she received approximately 2,000 messages on Linkedin ranging from support to potential jobs. From that experience, Nakamura decided to open a studio of her own.

GhostWire will deliver a fresh take on the horror genre

GhostWire will deliver a fresh take on the horror genre

“Many people were also offering me to come and visit their studios. It was the chance for me to travel and learn what made a good working environment. I decided to use that experience to open my own small studio and build my IP.”

A few months before leaving, the developer became known during her presentation of GhostWire at E3 in 2019. Her enthusiasm and simply acting as herself garnered an explosion of fanfare. The love she received crossed between both the gaming community and the industry itself.

Having her roots in Resident Evil, which led her eventually down the path of hopping onboard of development of both Evil Within games and her taking the wheel to steer her own IP with the upcoming supernatural horror title, may hint as to what she is cooking up next. Regardless, we will have to wait and see what she delivers now that she is in the indie space rather than the realm of AAA companies.

Ikumi Nakamura - Remnant Tour | 中村育美 - 廃墟探検

GhostWire: Tokyo will launch later this year as a timed-exclusive for PS5 and PC. The recent acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft will not disrupt the deal for the PlayStation limited exclusivity.

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