Everywhere Game Trailer Revealed, With A Lot Of Similarities to Fortnite

Everywhere, a game by Build a Rocket Boy Studios has finally got its gameplay reveal trailer. From Fortnite like visuals, to building your game according to your own imaginations, a lot can be expected from this upcoming highly anticipated title.

'Everywhere' Game Trailer Revealed, With A lot Of Similarities to Fortnite

The recent reveal of the Everywhere game trailer by Build a Rocket Boy, a studio led by former GTA producer Leslie Benzies has sparked discussions about its similarities to Fortnite. The game is said to be a sandbox title that offers players the freedom to construct their own gaming experiences and explore those of others, all while bearing striking resemblances to Epic Games’ Fortnite.

The game trailer provides us with a first glimpse into the gameplay, revealing a gaming experience that is way more than mere shooting and exploring through visually attractive landscapes. The game brings players a spectrum of activities, like the skeeball game and the character skillfully navigating through an obstacle-filled gauntlet. However, what truly stands out is the amount of detail the “building” aspect of the game has which is showcased within the trailer. We can guess from the trailer that the studio’s vision for the game is to blend gameplay, adventure, creativity, discovery and create a gaming experience that redefines how players connect with one another.

The initial announcement of Everywhere took place at Gamescom 2022. Although the exact release date still remains hidden but Build a Rocket Boy has revealed plans for a closed alpha test in the near future. Interested gamers can already create an account and reserve their usernames which gives them a chance to be a part of the game’s first PC test.

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