Everything You Need To Know From Marvel’s Avengers War Table

In a live stream called War Table, Square Enix shows off new trailers and gameplay for their upcoming title Marvel's Avengers. With tons of new content revealed, we will tell you everything you need to know from the latest stream. It's only a few months away till we have an action-packed Avengers game in our hands to play alone or with friends alike!

marvel's avengers war table

With only a few months from release, Square Enix decided to showcase a slew of information on their upcoming game in Marvel’s Avengers War Table. This live stream held trailers and gameplay from the single-player campaign to the co-op missions. If you missed the stream, here is everything you need to know from Marvel’s Avengers War Table.

Story Details

What we already know is simple; the Avengers have split apart after the A-Day disaster. What seems to be new knowledge is the main villain, M.O.D.O.K. AIM is a company driven to better the world with science, but is also trying to cure Inhumans. They eventually convince the world that people with superpowers cannot be trusted anymore. The man behind AIM himself, George Tarleton, becomes power-hungry and the face of the villain M.O.D.O.K.

M.O.D.O.K. is giving off some seriously sinister vibes.

M.O.D.O.K. is giving off some seriously sinister vibes.

This villain’s name stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, which is exactly what he plans to do. M.O.D.O.K. isn’t a new character, though. If you’re a long-time Marvel comics fan, you’ll know he’s been in the Marvel Universe since the late 60s. Another recurring character is Kamala Khan, a teenage girl looking to bring the Avengers back together after sleuthing about AIM’s true intentions.

Your job is to rebuild the Helicarrier, called the Chimera, and help the Avengers unite again. It’s been a few years since A-Day, and much has changed around the world. As an inhuman herself, Kamala must help the team take down AIM and M.O.D.O.K. before it’s too late.


The God of Thunder is back with his trusty Mjolnir by his side.

The God of Thunder is back with his trusty Mjolnir by his side.

The only gameplay videos shown have been taken on A-Day, the day of the disaster that ripped the Avengers apart. But what about other missions? This time, the War Table live stream has given us an insight into how the game will feel and play. Starting with a mission titled “Once An Avenger”, Thor is set to destroy mechanical robots, alongside other members of the Avengers. 

This third-person action game looks and feels fantastic, or so I can guess from watching it. As seen from the stream, Thor can dodge hits, spin his hammer, and send lightning strikes upon his enemies. The coolest thing that we got to witness was a special ability of the Bifrost. Using Mjolnir, Thor can use the Bifrost to teleport from one place to another, even past enemy barriers.

This isn’t just any normal ability, though. All heroes you get to play, other than normal attacks, come with three types of moves; assault, ultimate, and support. Assaults charge fast with normal attacks. Ultimates take longer to charge, and are the strongest attacks you’ll have. Supports enhance co-op gameplay and help your teammates out when they’re in trouble.

Co-op and War Zones

Speaking of co-op, you’ll not only get to play with a friend but three of them! In missions called War Zones, four players can jump into a game and work together to defeat the boss and save the day. These missions are still tied to the story so that they won’t be for nothing. They also give you great rewards and grow progress with your own characters.

Match-make with people around the world, switch load-outs and complete tough missions in this game mode. It’s also been confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers will be crossplay and cross-platform, so you can play with an unlimited amount of people and friends alike. Not only that, but you can perform the most ultimate team finishers with one other player to defeat the boss in one blow.

The Future

That's a lot of customization options!

That’s a lot of customization options!

We know the developers at Crystal Dynamics want to keep this game running for years to come. It’s not surprising that future content will be in the works. As said near the end of the stream, they’re planning on adding new regions, new heroes, and more stories in the future. Not only that, but they promise it’ll come at no additional cost!

Although these updates won’t make you pay up, their micro-transactions sure will–well, with your consent at least. There will be tons of perks, gear, and costumes to earn throughout the game; all free up until you decide to head to their in-game shop. There are confirmed micro-transactions, but that doesn’t mean you need them to get through the game.


Marvel's Avengers - FULL War Table Gameplay Reveal Event

What did you think of all the new information? I sure can’t wait to play a brand new Marvel game. Pre-order it now for Xbox or PS4 for release on September 4th, 2020.

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