Everything Covered In Marvel’s Avengers July War Table

Marvel's Avengers July war table announces new features, beta walkthroughs, and the new hero Hawkeye. Here is everything you need to know from the stream. Crystal Dynamics went all-out with this presentation, showing off multiple new co-op missions through the upcoming open beta, and future post-launch content. We can't wait to play the beta next month!

Everything Covered In Marvel's Avengers July War Table Cover

From diving into the beta, to revealing Hawkeye, Marvel’s Avengers came through with new and exciting information in July’s War Table. This is a series of videos that the developers at Crystal Dynamics are producing to give insight to their upcoming Marvel game. The previous War Table showed us new gameplay and missions, but now the news is beginning to ramp up.

Beta Details

The stream begins with a beta walkthrough. The open beta dates, as listed on the PlayStation blog today, let us know when we can jump into the game.

  • August 7 – PlayStation Advantage Pre-order Beta: As part of our PlayStation Advantage, those of you who have preordered Marvel’s Avengers will be the first in the world to get your hands on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes the weekend of August 7-9. Pre-load: August 6.
  • August 14 – Open Beta: The second Beta weekend will be open to the entire PS4 community as part of our PlayStation Advantage partnership. Pre-load: August 13.   
  • August 21 – Open Beta: Same as the above — our final weekend is also an Open Beta for all PlayStation players. Pre-load: August 20.

What we’re getting in the demo is the beginning of the game, the Golden Gate Bridge mission. This follows the events that cause the downfall of the Avengers. The commentator goes into more detail about how long the demo is,

This is 25 minutes of gameplay and a great introduction to how each hero plays, and how combat and traversal work. We built the Golden Gate Bridge sequence to be this roller coaster ride of an experience, with huge set pieces, tons of comat and traversal, and a taskmaster boss battle. 

Once you complete that part of the demo, it’ll open up to other single-player missions and co-op/warzone missions. It’s filled with endless hours of gameplay and story. The next part covers a mission between Hulk and Kamala, searching for JARVIS in the American Pacific Northwest.

The Incredible Hulk smashes into action!

The Incredible Hulk smashes into action!

“To Find Olympia” and “Missing Links” are examples of missions that you get to experience through these two heroes. These are just a few of many missions we get to play through the open beta.

Co-op Missions

Once you finish the story content, you’ll get to play as 4 different heroes; Iron Man, Kamala Khan, Black Widow, and Hulk. On the in-game War Table, you’ll be able to access 4 player co-op. There are 3 different types of missions available; HARM Rooms, WARZONES, and Drop Zones.

Play as 4 different heroes in online co-op missions.

Play as 4 different heroes in online co-op missions.

Holographic Augmented Reality Machine Rooms, or HARM Rooms for short, are training simulators that take place in virtual spaces. You and 3 other players get to fight waves of holographic enemies, as the difficulty slowly ramps up. If you want to go solo, duo, or trio, that’s okay too. You’ll even get a special nameplate once the full game releases showing you completed the beta!

Then comes the WARZONES and Drop Zone missions. As explained in the previous War Table, WARZONES are actual missions you can play with a team of friends, or AI. There will be 5 WARZONE missions to play during the beta, all containing different enemies, puzzles, and experience points.

Drop Zones are more compact and focused missions. Usually, these types of WARZONES only have 1 objective to complete. There will be 5 Drop Zones available in the beta.

Beta Progression

Progression carries between each beta weekend.

Progression carries between each beta weekend.

Like most games, Marvel’s Avengers lets you gain experience, and as you reach each level you gain a skill point. These points can be spent to unlock a unique variety of skills for your heroes.

Skills aren’t the only thing to acquire. Gear and cosmetics are available to show your progression through the game. If you’re worried about losing progress, don’t fret. Through each beta weekend during August, you’ll be able to carry over everything you’ve earned.


Probably the biggest news of today’s War Table is dropped with a teaser of our new hero! The iconic hero Hawkeye will join the team post-launch. As you progress through the game and unite the Avengers once again, Hawkeye will be one of many heroes to join you.

The developers at Crystal Dynamics pulled from dozens of Marvel comics to create their own version of Clint Barton. There’s no specific date on when Hawkeye will release, but for now we at least know some of their post-launch plans.


The developers at Crystal Dynamics and their parent company Square Enix have high hopes for this title. Their hope is to continue with numerous amounts of post-launch content, with no additional costs. One more surprise was revealed, with them announcing a future Fortnite collab. Other than that, this presentation revealed a slew of amazing content and announcements.

Pre-order Marvel’s Avengers for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam.

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