Everything Announced for The Last of Us Day 2021

Today marks The Last of Us Day 2021, which was previously known as Outbreak Day. Naughty Dog commemorates the day with the release of 'all-new content' including a soundtrack, merch and collectables. However, there's nothing about the anticipated multiplayer game.

Everything Announced for The Last of Us Day 2021

The Last of Us Day 2021 is here. The annual event is where fans come together to celebrate the series of critically acclaimed videogames and their impact. While fans have been celebrating by sharing art, cosplay, Photo Mode shots, and their experiences while playing, Naughty Dog have shown off official merch and content.

Unfortunately, there are no big reveals in regards to the anticipated multiplayer, HBO series or PS5 re-releases. Many may be frustrated with the lack of communication about these things, but The Last of Us Day hasn’t typically been the place for big reveals like that. So let’s take a look at what has been shown off to celebrate the day that civilisation collapsed in the world of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Accolades Trailer | PS4

Streaming and Vinyl Release of Cover Songs from Part II

Since The Last of Us Part II was released, many fans have been clamouring for an official release of the various cover songs by Ellie (Ashley Johnson) and Joel (Troy Baker). So to celebrate today, they are now available to stream and as a special Vinyl collectable. The Vinyl features artwork from Dani Prendergast and includes a special message from Neil Druckmann.

It includes “Future Days” by Joel, “True Faith”, “Through The Valley”, and “Take On Me” by Ellie and the duet of “Wayfaring Stranger” from Ellie and Joel. Accompanying Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker’s vocals are Chris Rondinella’s guitar. These songs are featured in the trailers, credits and the game itself.

This album will be available to stream on all major platforms from 9 PM PST. Pre-orders for the vinyl are available now on Mondo’s website and will be shipped in November.

Joel Statue

Also available is a statue featuring Joel from The Last of Us Part II. It depicts Joel in a brown jacket, blue shirt and jeans holding his signature revolver and a guitar. The statue is described as 14.25 inches tall, with a 10-inch base and is created by Big Shot Toy Works and Level 52, who also worked on the previous Part II statues. You can pre-order it now from Dark Horse Direct (available May-June 2022), but bear in mind it will set you back $200.

The statue is highly detailed and is a must-have for TLOU super-fans.

The statue is highly detailed and is a must-have for TLOU super-fans.


As usual, there’s a whole variety of new merch for The Last of Us Day 2021. This includes shirts, backpacks, jackets and more. Plus, pre-existing merchandise will be 20% off until September 30th. All of the apparel and accessories are available on the PlayStation Gear Store.

The most notable of which is a waxed canvas backpack, a rain jacket and guitar accessories to pair with the official Taylor guitar that was released last year (now available in Europe). All of which is either branded with The Last of Us logos or fits the rustic style of the game’s world.

New shirts, bags and other apparel join the already solid line-up of merch.

New shirts, bags and other apparel join the already solid line-up of merch.

Photo Mode Competition

Finally, in honour of The Last of Us Day 2021, Naughty Dog is expanding their Photo Mode contests. Fans can submit their best screenshots using the games’ Photo Modes according to the week’s theme. Simply use the hashtag, #TLOUPhotoMode, with @NaughtyDog on Twitter to enter. The best will be decided by Naughty Dog and retweeted and posted on the Naughty Dog blog.

More to Come?

That might not be all, however, as you can expect a “wrap up note” at 5 PM PST. This could just be a short video thanking the fans for the support and summarising The Last of Us Day 2021, but there’s a chance something else might be revealed. Fans can always hold out hope for Factions II info but it seems we will still need to wait longer still.

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