Everybody’s Golf Is ForwardWorks’ First Game

Sony's recently founded mobile game developer ForwardWorks just released a trailer for it's first game, Everybody's Golf. Pre-registrations are now open for Japan with a western release still on the horizon.

Everybody's Golf Is ForwardWorks' First Game
Developer ForwardWorks was founded by Sony in 2016 order to bring PlayStation games to mobile devices. They in turn have just revealed their first mobile game in the form of Everybody's Golf. The game will be heading to both Android and iOS devices. To celebrate the upcoming Japanese launch, ForwardWorks prepared a trailer to show gamers what to expect from the game. Check it out just below.


Everybody's Golf is an IP owned by Sony and developed by numerous studios over the years. It is a series based on golf with anime looking characters that is known for its humorous style. A PS4 entry is also on the way and should release this upcoming August. The mobile version, however, has just opened pre-registrations for the game. Reward campaigns will be a feature of the game as well and further details for these should be revealed via twitter. A western release has yet to be announced although we know from last year that ForwardWorks will make mobile games from both the Arc the Lad and Wild Arms franchises next.

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