Every Black PS5 Pre-Order Has Been Cancelled Following Threats to Staff Safety

A limited supply of PS5 consoles modelled after the PlayStation 2 sold out instantly. Sadly, all pre-orders of the black PS5 have since been cancelled due to the company receiving serious threats to the safety of their team members.

black ps5Although not affiliated with Sony in any way, the company selling the PS2-inspired black PS5, SUP3R5, was excited as a group of nostalgic nerds who want to sell limited edition controls and consoles. Unfortunately, credible threats to staff members have forced the company to cancel bringing their special edition consoles to the market for the time being. Despite the fact they were sold with a $200-300 markup, as reported by Tom’ s Guide, the 304 units each of the black PS5 and its digital equivalent sold out instantly after going on sale on the 8th of January.

Having so few units for sale was due to the fact stock was so limited for retailers and the amount worked as a callback to the PS2’s original release date in Japan, March 4th 2000 (03/04). Because of the rush to get orders in whilst stocks lasted, the website was met with unbearable amounts of traffic that caused incomplete orders or results in attempts that failed entirely, leaving many customers of the US site deeply dissatisfied.

All of the excitement built up around this retro console makes it all the more disappointing that all pre-orders for the black PS5 have been cancelled, but it doesn’t make the move any less necessary when it leaves people’s well-being at stake. On their now-deleted Twitter account, SUP3R5 made the below statement regarding the credible threats toward the safety of their team members. 

Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their safety. We take these threats seriously, and as a result, we’re not proceeding forward. All orders are being cancelled with full refunds.

We intended this to be a fun way to celebrate a shared nostalgia. As it turns out, there are people out there who are willing to interfere with that. If we determine that it’s safe to try again, we will. For now, please stay safe

It’s of course a shame, but no sought-after product is worth any risk to a team’s welfare. In the meantime, stock for the regular PS5 is still unstable across retailers, with even remaining pre-orders for the console’s November 2019 launch yet to be fulfilled. Due to the heavy imbalance between supply and demand, it appears Sony’s starting to shift resources toward further PS5 production. Recently in Japan, the company announced that various PS4 models were being discontinued, later stating that all but one model of the PlayStation 4, the black “500GB” Slim model, would no longer be sold in its home market.

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