Everspace To Arrive With PS4 Soon

Everspace is a single player, action oriented space flight sim that enjoyed massive success on the Xbox One and Steam. The Kickstarter success story will now be making its way to PS4 for a fresh group of players to enjoy. "Death is inevitable, but only the beginning of a much larger story".

Everspace To Arrive With PS4 Soon
Developer, Rockfish today announced that their smash hit Everspace will be arriving on PS4 May 29th this year. Digitally, the base game will be available for $29.99 with the DLC costing u further $9.99. Although, should players choose to pick up the boxed version of Everspace, they will receive the Galactic Edition which includes the base game, its DLC , the original Everspace soundtrack, as well as a color-printed booklet featuring the studio’s history and the making of the game. 

Everspace To Arrive With PS4 Soon - Scanning lifeforms
“We are super excited about the PS4 release of Everspace, and it is just awesome working with BadLand to bring the boxed Galactic Edition of Everspace to retailers all across Europe and America,” said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games. "Getting our console debut game out on PS4 and even onto the shelves of brick and mortar stores are two more fantastic achievements for our fairly new studio."

With the days of a successful Kickstarter campaign behind them, Rockfish Games now boasts an impressive history. During a wildly successful campaign back in 2015, Rockfish manages to raise €420,252 from 10,739 backers for their game to become a reality. They would go on to raise a further €250,000 from 6000 more backers, helping out on their official website. With Everspace already having released to rave reviews, PS4 players could be in for a treat come late May.

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