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Everspace out on Windows Store as Preview on Windows 10

Independent developer ROCKFISH Games announces that their critically acclaimed roguelike space shooter EVERSPACE launches on the Windows Store as Game Preview on Windows 10, today. It is the first [email protected] title supporting Xbox Play Anywhere.

Everspace out on Windows Store as Preview on Windows 10
Hamburg, Germany – November 24, 2016 – Hamburg-based indie studio ROCKFISH Games announces that its critically acclaimed debut title EVERSPACE launches on the Windows Store as Game Preview on Windows 10 for $29.99, today. It is the very first [email protected] title supporting Xbox Play Anywhere. In addition to cross-saves between the Xbox and Windows 10 PC versions, those who buy the game on Xbox One will be able to play on Windows 10 PCs at no additional cost, and vice versa.

The fast-paced roguelike space shooter launched on Steam some weeks ago and a month earlier than initially estimated during its wildly successful Kickstarter. It made it to the top sellers in no time fueled by above 90% positive reviews. In spite of its unfinished state of development, EVERSPACE received high praise for its stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, intuitive controls and overall polish from gamers, influencers and the gaming press alike.

"It is fantastic to see that EVERSPACE continues to receive such positive feedback from the community and from professional media also," said Chris Charla, Director [email protected] at Microsoft. "We are thrilled to have it as the first [email protected] title supporting Xbox Play Anywhere and we also look forward to the upcoming content updates that ROCKFISH Games has already announced."

The first major update is already imminent featuring over 50 additions, improvements and bugfixes. It will include a new player ship, the Colonial Scout,which is much smaller than the current Colonial Interceptor, impresses with extreme maneuverability and a higher top speed but got a weaker hull. It comes with a cloaking device, a beam laser and a long-range shock rifle as starting gear. The patch will also introduce the all-new difficulty levels catering to players who feel the game is too hard or did not allow for enough exploration. On difficulty level hard, veteran pilots, who may have already played through the game several times, will find a new challenge. Furthermore, there is a new type of hollow asteroid to explore as well as a new enemy drone and advanced attack patterns of alien capital ships to deal with.

The Full Release is scheduled for Q2 2017 and will feature a fully voice-acted story with several thoughtfully designed characters, situation-based events, as well as the Hardcore Mode. The price of the game will be raised to $39.99 when it hits full release.

“We believe, paying only once and getting Everspace for Xbox One and for Windows 10 is a fantastic offering and being able to pick up your game session back and forth is just how seamless gaming between console and PC is meant to be,” says Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games. “We also couldn't be more excited about the Game Preview program as it gives us the opportunity to keep in touch with our fans on Xbox One and on Windows 10 to improve and complete the game.“

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