Everest Seems to be the One Keyboard to Rule Them All

Everest seems to be the most customizable and innovative keyboard to ever grace the Kickstarter platform, seamlessly bringing together the worlds of high functionality and impressive gaming design.

Everest Keyboard

Innovation is something that’s rare when it comes to gaming keyboards. Sure, we get some fancy new switches every now and then but their impact on how you use the keyboard is often barely noticeable. Companies like Steel Series tried to switch it up by introducing an OLED display to their Apex lineup but that’s about it.

Well, that’s where the company Mountain comes onto the scene with their Everest keyboard that seems to bring everything you’d possibly want from one, and more. The usual considerations when purchasing a keyboard boil down to the performance, the comfort level and the amount of RGB. Well, Everest not only has the hot-swappable Cherry switches, a magnetic palm rest and a healthy amount of RGB beneath the keys and around its edges but it also comes with various detachable modules

Everest Keypad and Display Keys

Insanely high level of customization options

These essentially turn it into a beast in terms of gaming functionality and just pure productivity. First is the numeric keypad which also houses Envato-like display keys for shortcuts. Then there’s the media dock with a display with which you can control keyboard profiles and macros, change the PC volume, RGB brightness, check the time or PC system information. Of course, absolutely every button is remappable so you can customize everything to entirely suit your needs.

While many keyboards sacrifice their design when they go all-in on productivity, that’s definitely not the case here. Everest keyboard seems to effortlessly blend the beautiful design with innovative functionality, essentially rolling many different gadgets into one seamless package.

If you’d like to secure one for yourself, be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign which already reached 7 times more than the required goal.

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