EVE Online – Rhea expansion details

EVE Online - Rhea expansion details.

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CCP has announced all the news and details what players can expect to be live on December 9th.

Thera and the hundred other shattered wormholes

A hundred new wormhole systems are revealed in Rhea along with Thera! Read more here.

No clone grades and no skill point loss on pod death

Clone grades, clone upgrade cost and skill point loss when podded (except when losing a Strategic Cruiser) will be removed in Rhea.

The Confessor – Amarr Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer

New Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer is the first of four to come. It has the ability to shift between defensive, speed and sniper modes that confer different sets of bonuses.

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The Bowhead – ORE Freighter

Move assembled ships in this new freighter from ORE that comes with a large ship maintenance bay. More to read is in this forum post.

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There are many, many new things to please players. For example it seems that because of the competition (Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous) you will be able to control your ship with keyboard.

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In short there are also following updates coming:

  • Sleeper scout drones roaming in known space

  • Sleeper Cache High End Exploration Sites and Polarized Weapon Modules

  • Ship rendering and lighting updated with Physically Based Rendering techniques (PBR)

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  • New UI look, window transparency options and interface icons

  • Opt-in New Star Map

  • Blackbird, Rook and Falcon Ship Models Redesigned

  • Tech 2 Hull Variants for the Onyx and Eagle

  • Incursus, Enyo and Ishkur Ship Models Redesigned

  • Visual effects updates to asteroid belts

  • Special Edition Dreadnoughts

  • New Pirate Apparel

  • Kill Report and Contract Notifications

  • Improvements to Market Sell Order Creation

  • Public CREST API Updates for EVE Tool Creators

  • Old Trial Account Character Names Freed Up

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