EVE Online – botters will be banned in 2015

EVE Online - botters will be banned in 2015. We can only guess how big the impact will be.

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CCP will fight harder versus botters in the next year. From January 1st input broadcasting and input multiplexing will be under strict rules and temporarily banned on the first offence and permanently on the second one.

Multiboxing will be still allowed. It means:

"Playing as multiple separate characters, simultaneously, across a number of accounts, either by using multiple computers to run the game, or by using a number of instances of EVE on a single computer."

But botting or macroing (input automation) which is widely used to gain ingame currency and gain real profit by selling it to other players.

"This term is used to describe, but is not limited to, the automation of actions which have consequences in the EVE universe," including automated "activation and control of ships and modules, navigation and movement within the EVE universe, movement of assets and items within the EVEuniverse, [and] interaction with other characters."

Botters caught violating the rule after January 1st will be punished with a temporary ban on the first offense and a permanent ban on the second.

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