ESRB Moves To Add Disclaimer On Micro-Transactions To Games

There has been much controversy lately over whether loot-boxes within games are considered a form of gambling for their random nature. The ESRB plans to add a new item to the game ratings to alert consumers to this. Any game with micro-transactions of any kind will be labelled as having in-game purchases.

ESRB Moves To Add Disclaimer On Micro-Transactions To Games
Micro-transactions and loot boxes specifically in games have come under much fire in recent months. It all began with the inclusion of loot boxes within Star Wars Battlefront IITheir inclusion in the game made many players feel as though you could just as easily buy your way to the numerous upgrades and boosts for your characters rather than actually play the game to do so.

EA DICE and the rest of the development teams for the game came under much scrutiny for this and were forced to make changes. This did not last however and the loot boxes will eventually find their way back into the game. This has turned into an issue for the industry as many developers want their fans to play their games without being forced or persuaded to buy content that they may not need or want. Money is important but many players feel that this is one more greedy step by certain developers.

In response to this there have been many court rulings discussing the idea that loot boxes and micro-transactions are an unfair advantage and verge on being a form of gambling. The ESRB which puts together the ratings for all games published in America, has decided to help with this issue by creating a new label for game ratings going forward.

From now on any game that has a form of loot crate purchasable within it must be labeled as having "in-game purchases" on the box. This move will also help developers in terms of sales as many governments have gotten involved with cases about loot boxes and their possible gambling nature. If this label hadn't been created more likely than not certain countries would have banned games from being sold with in game purchases altogether.

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