eSports Weekend Recap: Immortals Out at LCS and VCT

This weekend, Immortals was eliminated in both League of Legends and Valorant playoff scenarios. Now, the Spring Split post-season picture has emerged in North America and the EU. Additionally, Rainbow Six lost one of its best competitive players on Saturday.

eSports Weekend Recap Immortals Out At LCS & VCT cover

This weekend in eSports has been tough for Immortals. The League of Legends Spring Split saw the 7-8 team eliminated by the 8-7 Evil Geniuses for its final playoff spot, as Cloud9 drew closer to securing a definitive first place rank following a victory over Dignitas. As well as Evil Geniuses, these are the teams which qualified for the LCS Mid-Season Showdown: Team Liquid, TSM, 100 Thieves, Dignitas, and Cloud9. In Europe, the playoff picture features Rogue, G2, Fnatic, SK, Schalke, and Mad Lions.

As for the the weekend in Valorant eSports, Immortals was again eliminated in the VCT Masters by Luminosity, while XSET was swept by Gen.G. Sentinels’ TenZ, who replaced the recently suspended Sinatraa, helped his team to two consecutive wins by leading in kills and combat score against Luminosity, then trailing in these stats against 100Thieves behind only teammate SicK.

In other news, Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski has retired from Spacestation Gaming. The Rainbow Six legend succeeds Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzenin in stepping away from the game. With his retirement coming after the closure of the transfer window, Spacestation will use analyst Luke Slota as a stand-in. 

LOSER OUT ! LG vs IMMORTALS - HIGHLIGHTS | VCT 2021: North America - Masters

Luminosity parted ways Sunday with its Apex competitive team, which had evolved from Team 789’s 2019 roster. The team’s current members, Wrugb, Sanya, Xron, and Xeon, were most recently able to secure third place in Alpha League Network’s Exhibition event. The reasoning for their dismissal was not specified by Luminosity.

That’s the news for this weekend. As for next weekend, Sentinels will face FaZe Clan in the NA Valorant Masters, and in the EU, Team Heretics will face Ninjas in Pyjamas. Additionally, the open qualifiers for the VCT Game Changers Series will take place from the 19th to the 21st.

(Video by Daily Valorant).

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