Escape from Tarkov launches its New Year Event

Hardcore RPG-esque shooter Escape from Tarkov starts off 2018 strong with load testing in preparation for the upcoming Open Beta early this year, marking the occasion with free trial access to some users and a discount for those looking to purchase the game. Read on for the full details!

Escape from Tarkov launches its New Year Event
Escape from Tarkov, the hauntingly-designed and surprisingly difficult FPS-RPG from Battlestate Games starts off 2018 by testing its servers over the next few weeks in preparation for its Open Beta, which will be taking place early this year.

To both celebrate and assist the load testing, free access for 7 days will be given to a portion of users who are registered on the official Escape from Tarkov website, but have not yet played the title. This temporary access will be granted on a random basis, with favour given to those who have been registered to the site for a longer time.

As a further incentive for new users,  Battlestate Games have added a 25% discount on all transactions on the official Escape from Tarkov website. This discount includes all versions of the game, and any upgrades and gifts for the game. Furthermore, every person who has already purchased Escape from Tarkov will benefit from a guarantee to receive additional in-game gear, which will be able to be restored after every profile wipe, manual or otherwise, for a period of six months.

Finally, long-time players gain some extra benefits from this update. Users who joined the testing before the Closed Beta launch back on July 28th, 2017, will receive two free 7-day access keys that they can share with friends during the free week. Furthermore, those who pre-ordered the game prior to the initial Alpha Test back on August 5th, 2016 will be given a promo code for the Standard Edition of the game, and two 7-day access codes that, again, can be shared with friends.

Battlestate Games then go on further to announce the addition of the new Shoreline map, new weapons and items, and new gameplay features. They also go on to say that in early 2018, the Open Beta will be further expanded with some more advanced mechanics, and the redesign of already-existing ones, along with graphical and network optimizations.

Any user that purchases any game package can, as of now, get access to the beta test and enjoy all that Escape from Tarkov has to offer.

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