Epic Compensates Fortnite: Save the World Players Following Class Action Settlement

After a complaint sees Epic Games facing the wrath of its unsatisfied loot boxes-buying player base, the company chose to settle by giving away 1000 V-Bucks. Recipients involve players who purchased the random loot boxes, Loot Llama. But the company is not alone in the dilemma.

Epic Compensates Fortnite: Save the World Players Following Class Action Settlement Cover

Fortnite: Save the World players who previously purchased Loot Llama are entitled to 1000 V-Bucks, following Epic Games’ willingness for a class action settlement.

Loot boxes have been a topic of controversy in the gaming industry for years. For something that resembles gambling, many faced disappointments by spending real money to get something out of a random chance. Some even possibly spending more than they think to acquire a piece of value in-game.

Epic Games’ attempt at cashing in on the trend proved to be disastrous, however, after it faces a class action lawsuit. The crux of the complaint—people are buying a product without definite information on what they should be getting. 

Apart from eventually choosing to compensate the affected player-base with V-Bucks, Epic has already chosen to remove the infamous item. Replacing the Loot Llama, the company is putting in X-Ray Llama instead, which explicitly shows the contents it is selling.

Epic Games is not alone in the issue, however, as Rocket League is also facing a similar legal situation. Consequently, taking a similar step towards resolving the concern with its own audiences. In particular, it is giving away 1000 worth of credits to those who previously bought an Event Crate or Key.

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