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Entropia Universe – $75,000 for 15 spacecrafts

Entropia Universe - $75,000 for 15 spacecrafts sold on auction.

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Entorpia Universe is getting new money for the game by selling new two-seater luxury vessels. Tha auction started on Decebmer 9th and from 25 ships 15 were already sold. Opening bids of $5,000 per ship were probably high enough but still selling virtual items seems like very nice way of getting money. Not just for projects at Kickstarter and for example Star Citizen but also for games with Real Cash Economy.

The Quad-wing Interceptor is a medium fighter capable of space and atmospheric flight. Its 4-wing configuration is commonly seen patrolling space stations and mother ships to fend off pirate attacks.  This fast and agile ship is the bread and butter interceptor for most private armies, although it’s also a favorite among privateers due to its weapons load out and speed.

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