Endless Space 2 fan faction contest over

It's been a long road but Amplitude Studios has finally wrapped up the fan made faction contest for Endless Space 2. Now we're able to see the final result of the fans labors and what'll be joining the already diverse cast of Amplitude's latest project.

Endless Space 2 fan faction contest over
We've been covering and covering it, but now it's finally here. Yesterday Amplitude Studios officially ended the faction creation contest for Endless Space 2. It's been a tough one, I've been following it closely and the community around Amplitude Studios has really come together and delivered some quality ideas on what kind of route our faction, the Unfallen, is going to be taking as the game enters its second month of early access. The winners of each of the three phases are as follows:

And finally, the winner of this last round of the competition:

Amplitude Studios congratulated the winners and thanked the fans for once again coming together to produce something we could all enjoy and look forward to seeing in the latest game, I certainly know I'm excited but after the results were announced and we were all told of the prizes awaiting the lucky three, Amplitude Studios stated that the Unfallen will 'join the game towards release, probably in the release update itself.' So we have a bit more time to wait.

 Endless Space 2 is available now on Steamit is currently in Early Access for $29.99

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