Endless Space 2 faction contest enters final stages

With a deadline only 3 days away, the faction creation contest for Amplitude Studios latest game is quickly coming to an end. But what will the end result look like?

Endless Space 2 faction contest enters final stages
We've been through the game design, we've been through the physical design. There's really only one thing left before the fan fiction for Amplitude Studios latest game Endless Space 2 comes to completion. And that's the narrative design phase. I've already covered the previous phase here, but for those who don't know or haven't seen it, Amplitude Studios likes to keep its community engaged, and one of the biggest ways they do this is by letting all the fans come together to create and vote on a playable faction that will be included in the main game alongside the others.

In Endless Legend, it was the Cult of the Eternal End. In Endless Space 2, our faction is called the Unfallen. They are the pacifist diplomats, of the game. They're described as Soft spoken, giant beings with a shared consciousness, The Unfallen's oldest are thousands of years old. The oldest of which are selected to live on as sentient battleships when duty calls. Here's the physical design that won last rounds competition to give you an idea of what these sentient trees will be looking like:

 Endless Space 2 faction contest enters last stages
The goal of this last round is to, quote, 'create a short story based on these elements. Inspiration will be drawn from the winning story for hero biographies and the faction-related quest.' I'm very excited for this particular phase of the contest because Endless Legend has some of the best quest-writing for a Real Time Strategy Game that I've come across in awhile, and I'm really hoping that it comes out in Endless Space 2 as well.

If you want to read about the rules surrounding this particular phase, check out this link, otherwise feel free to pursuit the submissions found here. The deadline to vote is OCTOBER 26th, 4:00PM CEST. 

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