Elon Musk Tweets A God of War Secret

One of the greatest scientific minds of our time is apparently a God of War fan. It looks like Elon Musk has been getting into the original God of War on PS2, created by David Jaffe (who sadly no longer works with Sony on God of War). On December 20th, the creator of Tesla cars tweeted a singular phone number. When called, it leads to a fun little treat that very few of even the most hardcore God of War fans ever knew about.

Elon Musk Tweets A God of War Secret
What many players never learned was that if they beat the game, they would have the chance to break two statues and get a mysterious code. They would then have to crack the code to reveal a phone number – The very same number Elon Musk recently tweeted. Upon ringing the number, players are congratulated by Kratos himself (a particular treat as we hear the original Kratos voice actor, Terrence Carson).

The game’s creator, David Jaffe cuts Kratos off on his congratulation speech and reminds him he’s in a video game. He then goes on to berate listeners if they happen to be a gamer who got the code from the internet. Oops. It’s pretty clear to see that this was an Elon Musk style prank on his followers, as many would expect something more…. Elon Musky. Why not give the number a try and have a laugh? 1-888-447-5594

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