Elite Dangerous Aftermath Update Unveiled by Frontier

As the Azimuth Saga of Elite Dangerous comes to an end, the next update and phase of the game’s narrative, Aftermath, has been unveiled by Frontier. This also comes with the 13th update for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, as well as the developers moving the base game to the 4.0 code base.

Elite Dangerous Aftermath Update Unveiled by Frontier

After 2 years of the Azimuth Saga, the next stage of the Elite Dangerous story has been unveiled and released today. The Elite Dangerous Aftermath Update is set in the wake of the disastrous activation of the Proteus Wave, an anti-xeno superweapon. Players logging in to the beloved space sim will be greeted with a new cinematic to kick off the update. This coincides with update 13 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Furthermore Frontier are moving the game to the 4.0 code base, which comes with benefits to performance and graphics.

Elite Dangerous | The Proteus Wave Fires

The Aptly Titled ‘Aftermath’

Details are light on the ground for the story for the Elite Dangerous Aftermath Update. What has been revealed is that players will be dealing with the fallout of the Proteus Wave, activated by Salvation to eliminate the Thargoid threat. This however has gone disastrously wrong. Salvation is missing, and players going to the HIP 22460 System will find the wrecks of Megaships ‘Bright Sentinel’ and ‘Heart of Taurus’. Thargoids are still coming and there are unforeseen consequences to the weopens failure. The unveiling suggests caution be applied by Commanders with Guardian tech especially. This system is not only a conflict hot spot, but their modules will also decay or be out right destroyed.

Moving to 4.0

The Elite Dangerous Aftermath Update also comes with exciting news regarding the game’s performance. Until now the base game was on the 3.8 code base, and Odyssey, the games second major expansion, ran on the 4.0 code base. This came with graphical updates, improved UI and performance and other features. Frontier now want to get as many players as possible onto the improved code base.

PC players will see their game moved automatically to the 4.0 code base without purchasing the expansion. For those of you playing on console, Frontier are allowing players to move their profile, and any progress/customisation they’ve made, over to PC for a limited time. Current mission progress will be lost, so make sure to finish up your objectives. Gamers who want to stay with 3.8 can also choose to do so.

Frontier look to be gearing up to kick the next phase of the story into full throttle with the next update, number 14. Therefore they are trying to get as many players as possible onto the best version of the game.

What are your thoughts on the new update? planning on moving from Console to PC? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Frontier Press Release

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