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Echo Stealth Crouches Into The PlayStation Store Today

Having already arrived for PC users, UltraUltra’s Echo has finally made its way onto console. Headed by ex Hitman bosses from IO Interactive, Echo promises a "play any way you like" kind of sandbox system. It breaks new grounds with the use of A.I in videogames as the player’s enemies will mimic anything they do to take the upper hand.

Echo Stealth Crouches Into The PlayStation Store Today
For now, it seems UltraUltra’s flagship title could use a little exposure in finding a new audience in PS4 gamers. While Echo has been around for a while on Steam, releasing to rave reviews, UltraUltra’s lower than typical budget has not allowed for a great marketing push. As a result, Echo has garnered just under 10,000 users on PC, according to SteamSpy.

In a previous article, we looked at how important Echo could be in the wider games industry. As a self published title, UltraUltra intended to explore their own rendition of creative freedom. Here’s hoping that, with the new PlayStation audience, Echo’s challenging A.I enemies will get it the recognition it clearly deserves.  

You can grab Echo for yourself right now on PC, using GOG or Steam. Or, from today (October 11th) you can pick it up on the PlayStation Store.

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