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EA to Decide the Future of Anthem This Week

EA will decide the future of Anthem this week in a meeting, which will determine if the game will be given up on or continue its current progress. Bioware's 2019 sci-fi shooter with Iron Man-like suits came crashing down from a difficult launch that was filled with technical issues and a poor reception towards the content. A team was dedicated to overhauling everything.

EA to Decide the Future of Anthem This Week

Bloomberg reports that EA will decide the future of Anthem later this week. The meeting will discuss the possibilities of reviving the game that had a failed launch due to technical issues and a lack of promised content.

Anthem Next is a 30 person team in an attempt to get the sci-fi shooter off the ground. The overhaul will need to expand the player base to live on delivering content. If all goes well, then the AAA GaaS by Bioware will grow like other games in the genre like Bungie’s Destiny or Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers

We are about two years after the release of Anthem, which its review scores currently average a score of 59 across all platforms on Metacritic. Last year the plan to revamp it ignited but was said to be ways away before everything can work out. The developers had a lot to do as the current state was disastrous.

The studio has had its fair share of troubles with not only its latest release but the one before it, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Maybe with the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remaster of the original trilogy, and the next Dragon Age, then it can redeem itself as a studio without as significant of developmental issues or reception from critics and fans.

We will keep you posted if there ends up being news regarding the future of Anthem. What do you think will happen to it? Are you currently playing, or did you drop off? Tell us about your Anthem experiences and what you think of this story in the comments.

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