EA Play Live To Go Digital On June 11th; World Premieres Teased

With no E3 happening this year, EA look to offer a substitute for their annual press conference in the form of a digital version of EA Play. Expect to see some world premieres, news on forthcoming EA titles, gameplay footage and much more.

EA Play Live 2020

Due to the unforeseen turmoil surrounding the world in 2020, EA’s annual “EA Play Live” will now be in the form of a digital presentation that will reveal brand new EA Games, exciting news, hopefully new gameplay footage, and much more.

EA tweeted this brand new information, along with a short teaser, indicating that you can watch the whole of the EA Play Live 2020, digital presentation, on “EA.com”.

Last year, EA Play 2019 showed off a whole host of content for their catalogue of games, including: Apex Legends, Anthem, The Sims 4, Battlefield V, the many EA Sports sports games; and an exclusive look at Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

With E3 2020 cancelled this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, multiple publishers and developers i.e. EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, etc., are expected to use the popular trend of “Directs”. These dispense with the live crowd, theatrics, and really channel their efforts into showing off games. With 2020 being headlined by the holiday release of the PS5 and Xbox X Series, expect some important announcements to come. And perhaps a few surprises.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

EA Play Live 2020 will take place on June 11th at 4pm PST.

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