EA Play Live Announcements: Every Reveal At The Event

With every company opting for digital broadcasts this year, it can be difficult to keep track of what has been announced and when. The most recent company to have an online event is EA. To make things easier for you, here are all the EA Play Live announcements in one easy to digest list.

Everything Announced During The EA Play Live Event

It seems like every game company has an online event this year, with COVID-19 cancelling conventions across the globe. Even people who cover games for a living are struggling to keep up with all the announcements. However, we at KeenGamer have you covered. Electronic Arts is the latest company to broadcast a show (EA Play Live) which contained multiple reveals. Here’s all of the latest EA Play Live announcements in one simple and easy to digest list for you to get excited about.

FIFA 21 Teaser And Release Date

FIFA 21 started off the bombardment of EA Play Live announcements.

FIFA 21 started off the bombardment of EA Play Live announcements.

EA started off fairly well with a teaser trailer and release dates for their annual FIFA franchise. Whilst the cover star is still unknown, fans can expect to be playing a brand new FIFA game quite soon. Unfortunately, EA has stuck to its guns with their controversial staggered release dates. EA Access subscribers can download and play the game as early as October 2nd, whilst people who pre-order the Ultimate Edition can play on October 6th. For everyone else, FIFA 21 will be hitting store shelves on October 9th.

For people wondering about next-generation consoles, have no fear. It has recently been confirmed that anyone who purchases FIFA 21 on current generation consoles before the release of FIFA 22, they can upgrade to the next-gen version free of charge. It’s natural to assume that this will mean digital copies only, so people who want a physical version will probably be better off waiting until next-gen copies are released. It’s also important to note that Career Mode saves, Ultimate Teams, and Pros wont carry over either. Keep that in mind before you buy.

Apex Legends Coming To Switch And Steam

Where're we dropping?

Where’re we dropping?

EA has been steadily realising games on Steam over the past few weeks, much to the delight of users. However, none of them have been as popular as Apex Legends, which will also be making the move to Steam. Alongside the announcement was the news that Apex Legends will also be coming to Nintendo Switch with cross-play implemented at the same time. With no firm release date, players can expect to be playing the battle-royale on Steam and Switch this autumn. Apex Legends can currently be downloaded via Origins, PS4, and Xbox One.

Alongside Apex Legends, EA also announced that more of their properties will be making the leap to Steam including:

  • Titanfall 2
  • The Sims 4
  • Dead Space 3
  • A Way Out

Hopefully this means we’ll start seeing a lot more EA properties come to Steam in the future as well as brand new games released on the storefront from the outset.

Newly Announced EA Originals

EA Originals have always delivered creativity

EA Originals have always delivered creativity

Whatever you think of EA, one of their more laudable aspects is their EA Originals program. This has given us wonderfully unique titles such as A Way Out and last year’s Sea of Solitude. The company supports indie developers more than most, and recently announced three more games coming out of the program.

It Takes Two (Hazelight Studios)

Speaking of A Way Out, the next game from Hazelight Studios was revealed to be in development. It Takes Two is the next game from the studio, taking the shape of an emotional, co-op platformer. You play as two clay dolls that belong to a little girl who’s parents are going through a messy divorce. It sound heart-breaking and with it being Hazelight Studios, it’s sure to be a tear jerker. We can expect to see the game released in 2021 for next-gen consoles and PC.

Lost in Random (Zoink Games)

Zoink Games have a reputation for making quirky yet creative indie games. Their latest project, Lost in Random, has a much darker tone. We only got a brief snippet of what to expect, but the Tim Burton-esque art style has me very intrigued. The developers themselves said it’s a long way from release with the lack of a release date, that much is evident.

Rocket Arena (Final Strike Games)

Lastly, we have Rocket Arena from Final Strike Games. This Overwatch styled hero shooter was announced last year, but we got a much better idea of the final product in this latest announcement. You will be able to play as ten different heroes, each with their own unique abilities and perks. Rocket Arena will launch for PC (Origin and Steam), PS4, and Xbox One with cross-play implemented from launch. The game will be available to purchase from July 14th, with its first Season Pass coming just two weeks later on July 28th.

Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay And Release Date

Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Reveal Trailer

The highlight of the show was an extended look as Star Wars: Squadrons, the upcoming multi-player action game being developed by Motive Studios. The developers gave us an in-depth look at what modes we’ll be able to play as well as a brand new gameplay trailer. It would require a much deeper analysis to talk about everything that was shown, so keep an eye out on KeenGamer for more information. We also got a release date as well as the news that the game will also be cross-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can expect the game to hit store shelves on October 2nd.

A New Skate Game Is Officially In Development

This was EA's

This was EA’s “one last thing” moment.

Yes, you read that correctly. After years of begging EA to finally release a sequel to arguably one of the best skating games ever made, they finally did it. There wasn’t a trailer or a release date in sight, but instead, two very eager developers who are very excited that they’re finally able to make a Skate 4. We’ll likely get more news next year, or maybe even the year after considering there was nothing to show for today’s event.

Alongside a new Skate game, EA teased a number of other titles for the upcoming generation. It’s only speculation, but developers such as Criterion, BioWare, DICE, and Motive Games were mentioned when talking about upcoming games for the next-generation of consoles. Obviously take this news with a pinch of salt as some of these titles may be years from release. However, that was pretty much all of the EA Play Live announcements from the showcase. Comment below what your most excited for, and keep checking KeenGamer for more details on all the game mentioned here.

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