EA Announces Brand-New Single-Player Iron Man Game

Ready to take to the skies and blast bad guys away with your repulsors? Or live a day in the life of the world’s most famous genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist? Prepare to live out your biggest Tony Stark fantasies as EA has just confirmed one of their Montreal-based studios is working on a brand-new Iron Man game.

EA Announces Brand-New Single-Player Iron Man GameConfirming recent rumours, EA has announced that a brand-new single-player Iron Man game is in development at Motive Studio.

The Game

In the official announcement, EA says it is “thrilled to share” an “all-new single-player, third-person, action-adventure Iron Man video game” that is currently in early development. Very little information has been shared at this point as to what players might expect at launch, with only a single teaser image having been shared so far. But EA has promised that the game will feature an original narrative that will tap into the very best of Iron Man’s past and allow players to truly feel like they are embodying the Iron Man. Much like Rocksteady did for Batman in their Arkham series.

Motive Studio

Motive Studio, the Montreal-based developers behind this exciting new take on an Iron Man game, is said to be working hard with Marvel to ensure they deliver a product that stays true to the comics and channels the “complexity, charisma, and creative genius of Tony Stark”. And they certainly seem to be the studio to make it happen. Founded in 2015 by none other than Assassin’s Creed Co-creator Jade Raymond, Motive Studio has worked on Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Star Wars: Squadrons for EA in the past. And is currently hard at work on the new Dead Space remake.

Vice President and Creative Director of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, certainly seems to think so, anyway. He said that he believes the studio’s previous work shows they can bring established worlds and characters to life with exhilarating gameplay, and that their real passion for Iron Man will see them create a “love letter” to the legendary hero.

Motive Studio Previously worked on Star Wars: Battlefront 2, as well as Star Wars: Squadrons.

Motive Studio Previously worked on Star Wars: Battlefront 2, as well as Star Wars: Squadrons.

The Developers

The new development team hard at work on the Iron Man title is being led by Oliver Proulix. Oliver was the senior producer on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game, which was well-received on launch, as well as the lead producer on Marvel’s Avengers game (specifically the single-player narrative) and a producer on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. With his strong narrative background, he seems like a great fit to take on the responsibility of adapting this beloved and iconic superhero. Being specifically titled a “single-player experience”, hopefully it leans more towards Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy than Marvel’s Avengers.

Other developers include veterans who worked on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Mass Effect: Andromeda, among others. All titles with a narrative focus, but which also leant heavily on RPG mechanics – which might provide a hint as the what kind of gameplay fans can expect to see when the game eventually launches.

EA’s Iron Man is currently in pre-production, with a lot of ground to cover yet before anything concrete can be shown off to the public. That being said, EA has promised to keep fans up to date with regular announcements and updates as development continues. They have also teased that this is only the beginning of an “exciting new collaboration” between Marvel and EA, with potentially many more superhero games on the horizon.


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