E3 2023 Announces Official Dates

E3 2023 is officially happening, as the official Twitter account just posted the dates and location the event will be held. This comes after a sudden cancellation this year, and will make it the first in-person E3 in 4 years.



E3 has just announced its 2023 event dates on its official Twitter account. The convention will be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 13-16.

This will be the first live Event E3 had held since 2019. The year after, E3 would cancel due to concerns with COVID-19, and would host its first fully virtual event in 2021. However, the ESA would then cancel its plans for E3 2022, both digital and virtual, announced through Razer PR lead Will Powers in a tweet on March 31:

This time around, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), who up until now were the sole organizer for the event, have partnered with ReedPop, the producers for large entertainment-media events like PAX, New York Comic Con, and more.

It was confirmed by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) since July that E3 would be returning in 2023. However, with no specific dates until now, as well as competition from many other virtual showcases such as the Summer Game Fest, there were doubts about E3 ever returning.

Despite E3’s nearly 3-decade-long existence, it remains to be seen if it can compete with the many other virtual and live events happening until June of next year.

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