Dying Light 2 Lengthy Showcase Reveals Vast Improvements

Since the initial look at Dying Light 2 at this year’s E3, public news on the sequel has been thin on the ground. That changed today when Techland released a 26 minute gameplay showcase. The first game garnered a strong following but was not without its issues. Inspection of this lengthy gameplay reveal indicates many, if not all of the kinks have been ironed out.
Dying Light 2 Lengthy Showcase Reveals Vast Improvements

Dying Light 2 Lengthy Showcase Reveals Vast Improvements

The first thing that leaps out from the showcase is the voice acting. While the first Dying Light suffered from occasionally tacky writing and poorly delivered lines, voice acting has received a big upgrade. 

Techland are clearly very confident in Dying Light 2. Within the video, we learn that they have doubled the amount of parkour moves available. They can play into combat as well, like the first entry. But all the new additions will likely spice up the zombie romp considerably. 

Like all good gameplay reveals, this one centres around a suitably dramatic mission. One which contains pivotal decision-making moments, centred around a crisis of water shortage. While Techland only explores one string of decisions, the amount presented suggest Dying Light 2 will have a very strong branching narrative. Such decisions will determine what we do, where we go and what happens to the world around us. On the one hand, these kinds of mechanics are nothing new in gaming of today. Seeing it implemented so well in Dying Light 2 is another thing altogether. If the frequency of decision making in this mission is consistent for the whole game, Techland could be creating something very interesting here. 

Dying Light 2 Lengthy Showcase Reveals Vast Improvements

All the classic moves from the first game remain. Plenty more has been added to spice up the experience

Take Dying Light 2 Graphics With A Pinch of Salt

Finally, a word to the wise on graphical presentation for console owners. The video itself is gorgeous, although the narrator does not mention the platform on which the showcase is running. We see plenty of demanding stuff. Draw distance, detailed textures, particle effects and beefy lighting all create the beautiful cocktail on show. Our money says this is running on a high end dev-built PC from the studio as all this graphical finesse would not run so well on today’s ageing console generation. 

Dying Light 2 is currently slated for a Spring 2020 release and already has a Steam page for you to keep tabs on. 

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