Dungeons of Aledorn – transfer to Unity 5

Dungeons of Aledorn - previously the game was made in older Unity version but now you can see pictures from the village of Manto and how it looks like in Unity 5.

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The developers want to create just one village to test and run all the core mechanics and create a functional game on a small scale. And this version should be available for those of you who has paid for the alpha version.

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Then new content will be continuously added and because all of the features should be working fine later on, new mechanics will be implemented and balancing will be another part of the process.

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What is interesting the game's system is inspired by GURPS. Your characters will receive an amount of points to distribute between attributes, skills and perks. Of course for different price. And you should get proficiency also in similar skills. For example if you put points only into sword fighting you will be able to fight also with axes and other melee weapons but with lower proficiency. But you will be able to equip and use it and not like in some games when you cannot even hold a staff if you don't have a point in it. 

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It won't work for everything. For example magic has different schools and each needs a different approach and studies. The same will count for a mace and a crossbow, also completely different weapons. Perks will get an additional condition of minimum requirements. It should be a combination of skills and attributes.

It seems that the developers tries to prepare the best possible system and game environment but they are at the very beginning of their journey and the game will take many months to come to get into a playable shape. Let's hope the visions and hard work will be rewarded by a nice and hardcore MMORPG which fans will love…

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