Dungeon Keeper is ‘On the House’ on Origin

A classic gaming title is FREE on Origin, for a limited time.

Dungeon Keeper is 'On the House' on Origin
Dungeon Keeper, the 1997 title developed by Bull Frog Productions, is now available on Origin's 'On the House' deal!

No need to worry this time, the classic Dungeon Keeper that was cherished by many gamers – before being overshadowed by the iOS sequel which became infamously known poor micro-transaction practices – can be picked up for free on Origin!

Dungeon Keeper is a classic strategy in which you played an Overlord in charge of protecting the heart of your dungeon from pesky heroes; utilizing everything from dangerous traps to ridiculously powerful monsters (or lots of weak monsters). The heroes would operate as their own AI controlled NPCs, investigating your dungeon seeking fame, fortune, or glory.

Electronic Arts' 'On the House' deal on Origin is a special deal for Origin users in which they can receive free games selected from EA's massive collection of titles. This deal allows users to pick up full games for free – and the game is kept forever – which means you should pick up the game even if you don't feel like playing it right now.

If you're interested in this deal, pick up the game On the House!

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