Dual Universe – latest Dev diary and 75% milestone

Dual Universe is getting bigger each day. Recently, the game has passed one of its Kickstarter milestones as well as hit 7 000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.

Dual Universe -  latest Dev diary and 75% completion milestone
Dual Universe, a continuous single-shard sandbox MMORPG taking place in a vast Sci-Fi universe, has two major news in store for its fans this week.

The developers at Novaquark has released their latest Dev diary. This time, it contains info on Player-driven economy:

"We are going to release a series of written dev diaries in which we will discuss the game mechanics. We start today with the topic of the player-driven in-game economy. There is already a devblog post talking about the market economy and how price equilibrium will be achieved in the game, so we recommend that you start there. If you have not done so, go take a look at it!"

To get more info on the topic, please, read the full version of the diary here.

Other important news about the game is a Kickstarter milestone. Recently, the Kickstarter campaign for Dual Universe has passed its 75% completion milestone! This was announced on the game's Twitter:

"And that's 75% of the #Kickstarter completed! More than ever guys, we need you to make this happen! :)"

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