Driver accidentally kills boy while playing Pokémon GO

A truck driver accidentally kills a 9-year-old boy after hitting them while playing the mobile game Pokémon GO in central Japan.

Driver accidentally kills boy while playing Pokémon GO
With Pokémon GO being released for a while now, and the craze associated with it being given time to wind back down, accidents have been few and far between for players and the people around them. Unfortunately, that does not mean that nobody is at risk for accidents caused by players being distracted.

On October 26, a 9-year-old boy, Keita Noritake, was hit by a truck when crossing a street on his way home from school in Ichinomiya, and died about two hours after the accident. The driver, Nobusuke Kawai, a 36-year-old man, confessed that he was playing Pokémon GO while driving, and that he uses the app often whenever he's traveling in a car.

This is not the only major accident to have happened this year, and hopefully it will be the last; but it is still a shame when people do not heed the warnings of the developers and authorities.

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