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Dreams Launching Creator Early Access This Spring

Under a lengthy development cycle from acclaimed curative studio, Media Molecule, Dreams is approaching broad horizons with its unique take on game design. Allowing players to construct creations only limited by their own imaginations in the comfort of their living room, many future creators are eager to dive head first into the game development title. After a successful semi-closed doors beta run, it seems the next step is the upcoming Creator Early Access launch which is set to arrive in just a few months.

Dreams Launching Creator Early Access This Spring
In a blog post from the studio who brought us both LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, Media Molecule has announced they are gearing up for release of their next incredibly ambitious title in Dreams. The recent beta for the upcoming game allowed a flurry of imaginative experiences to show off what the in-game development tools featured in Dreams can pull off. With no shortage of awe-inspiring creations from MM's loyal community, the studio feels it's time to take the game to the next step in it's lengthy release schedule.

"We have so many ambitions for Dreams and the beta reminded us that Dreams only truly comes to life in the hands of you all – the community," exclaims Media Molecule in their PlayStation blog post. The new title looks to bridge the gap between aspiring game developers and casual curators allowing their imagination to run free. While Dreams' focus will be centered on the authentic game creating tool kit, the developers have made it clear there will be plenty to play for those not interested in curating, as well.

However, the entirety of Dreams will not be available during this limited-time Early Access launch. Included in the release will be all of the tools needed to create to your heart's content as well as every tool Media Molecule used to create the game itself. Deep tutorial levels alongside Media Molecule created arcade levels will also be available during the Early Access launch.

The Creator Early Access for Dreams is set to launch this spring digitally on the PS Store. Early Access creators can hop into Dreams for a price of $29.99 in the US, and $39.99 in Canada, but only for a limited time. You can also sign-up for the Media Molecule newsletter for quick updates on the upcoming Early Access release.

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    No early access for EU residents?


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