Dreamfall Chapters console version has a new story trailer

Dreamfall Chapters, the final game in The Longest Journey saga has received a new story trailer for its console release.

Dreamfall Chapters console version has a new story trailer
Deep Silver have released a new story trailer for the upcoming console version of Dreamfall Chapters. The trailer acts as a recap to remind players of the story so far or to help newcomers get into the story. You can view the trailer below:

Dreamfall Chapters - The story so far [UK]

About the game, Deep Silver said:

Dreamfall Chapters is an adult, emotional, gloomy, magical, and heartworn 3D adventure that brings fans the long-awaited end to the Longest Journey series, as well as enchant new players. In a dark cyberpunk vision of our future and a magical fantasy empire, Dreamfall Chapters follows two unequal heroes on their journey to save the scaffolding of reality from decay. Players experience decisions and consequences, dreams and reality, magic and science, chaos and order and the broken heroes, whose actions will shape the course of history in all worlds.

The game will be available on PS4 and Xbox One starting May 5th.

Are you looking forward to playing Dreamfall Chapters on console? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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