Dream Engines, a Survival City-Building Game Has Been Announced

Dream Engines: Nomad cities is an upcoming Survival city-building game that combines action-RPG elements taking place in a dark and bizarre world. Manage whatever little resources you can get and try to expand your city without making it impossible to fly off to a new location.

Dream Engines, a Survival City-Building Game Has Been Announced

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities is an upcoming survival game announced by developer Suncrash that is planned to be released on Steam for PC. 

Although the release date is still not set, what we do know about the game is that is a city-builder with a twist. Here, players build a postapocalyptic flying city using technology from the old world. While in this flying city you’ll have to explore the world in search of whatever resources you can get your hands on. Of course, things aren’t that easy, since there will be creatures you’ll have to fight against.

Resource management will be an important aspect of the game since players will have to ingeniously craft to take advantage of the few recourses you can find. At the same time, players will also have to strategize as far as the combat goes, since the game gives you the option to either stand your ground or simply up and leave to a new place and maybe forgo the resources and structures that you’re leaving behind. 

Players better be careful with building too many buildings in their city and looking out for the gas reserves if they want it to be able to take off again when the need arises. Otherwise, they’ll be sitting ducks stuck like that to the ground. 

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities has now entered an alpha state in which players can purchase supporter editions of the game. It can be found on Steam.

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