Dream Daddy Fan Art Sparks Outrage

Great games have a strong art following. Overwatch, Legend of Zelda, and now Dream Daddy. Some aren't too happy about one piece of fan art, however.

Dream Daddy Fan Art Sparks Outrage
As is customary following a popular game, fan art has been coming in left and right for the papa-dating simulator, Dream Daddy. As is also customary for literally every franchise ever, the main characters have been given the genderbent treatment. Sometimes referred to as "rule 63," the DILFs of Dream Daddy have been turned into MILFs. Despite the obvious talent behind the piece, the content did not sit well with everyone.

Following its post on Twitter by the artist @ohnips, comments came in both praising and condemning the gender-swapped rendition of the daddies. The complaints were primarily addressing two issues: the body shape of Brianna (the redhead on the far right) and, most prominently, the gender of Dahlia (the vampire-looking one second from the left).

Some were upset that the female version of Brian was made to look slimmer, some even going so far as to say "flat stomached." Brian (pictured below) is by far the "heaviest" of the daddies, with a pronounced stomach. Though not obese, having more of a barrel shaped body and clear muscle definition, Brian is still the "fat one," one might say. Comparatively, Brianna is still the "fat one" of the mommies, though users were upset that too much fat from Brianna's gut was transferred to her breasts.

Dream Daddy Fan Art Sparks Outrage - Roughly the size of a barge.
The primary issue was over Dahlia, who is the female version of Damien. Damien, in Dream Daddies, is a female-to-male trans-gendered character. The problem people had with the art is that Dahlia is, as they assumed, a cis-gendered female. Though there's not exactly a sign posted saying whether she's cis or trans, the artist addressed the criticisms on Twitter by saying Dahlia, like Damien, is trans, she's just male-to-female.

Unfortunately, the Internet is not known for doing its research and revels in outrage and righteous causes. Despite evidence to the contrary about Dahlia's trans-status, the artist was bombarded with hateful comments and even death threats. Though she (the artist) and her fans defended the artwork, it eventually became too much and she has opted to make her Twitter private, blocking anyone who isn't a confirmed follower from viewing her Tweets (hence why direct links can't be made available).

Dream Daddy Fan Art Sparks Outrage - Some of the reactions on Twitter to the artwork.
The LGBT community is very protective of LGBT characters, and rightfully so. LGBT representation in the media is lacking, to say the least, and too often the representation isn't even positive. Many fans also find themselves annoyed by genderbend art when it involves women. There has been a lot of female Roadhog art that is very well done, but ends up turning the boulder of a man into a twig of a woman.

Regardless, this kind of reaction to this art was unarguably extreme. Hell, any time death threats are sent, a line has been crossed. There's been no shortage of artists who have been run off of sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt due to how they chose to draw a character in their fan art.

The Dream Daddy Twitter account addressed the reaction the artist was getting today. They said:

We were recently informed that a fanartist has been receiving death threats and hate messages. Our team does not support this. DDADDS was built around positivity and support. Disagreements will happen, but we ask that you remain civil and constructive.

What do you think? Was the artwork in bad taste? Was the reaction in bad taste? Maybe a little bit of both? Please let us know in the comments! And remember the words of the great Abraham Lincoln.


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    When did everyone turn into such annoying crybabies? America is full of ridiculous people, and I’m not even talking about Trump. Classic SJW Twitter. Pathetic.

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    I mean I would understand if they made Damien a male since she’s already a female so…

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    nothing is wrong with the art the gay community needs to grow up if they want people to stop picking on them for being gay in the first place and have others stop disowning them, bullying the, and etc than they shouldn’t bully others for stupid shit

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    Welcome to tumblr, where 99% of the people attacking the artist probably aren’t even LGTB. This crap is why I barely go on that hellsite, and why I think we need to change limits from 13 to create accounts for anything to 18. Kids these days cannot handle social media.

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    The fan art wasn’t in bad taste, quite frankly the art is beautiful, the artist put their time and effort into it and that’s what makes it so. The over sensitive ignorant people who harassed the artist should be ashamed of themselves. Honestly what makes it okay to say that to someone? The artist drew the characters in their style, it might not be to your liking, but he/she drew them in their style. Mind you, that the artist didn’t mean for anybodies panties to go soooooo far up their asses with how SHE or HE drew the art; it’s their own take on the characters and it’s f***ing beautiful! If you have a problem with it then draw your own damn art on Dream Daddy since you( those who complained and harassed the artist), obviously think that you know better than the artist. All in all, the only disgusting thing about the whole situation is how so many people ganged up on the artist, that makes me, a fellow artist, truly disgusted.


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