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Dreadnought flies into Open Beta

Yager and partners have released their upcoming space combat title Dreadnought into an Open Beta on PS4. With two brand new maps, six night variants and customisable ships, players will be able to create the Dreadnought of their dreams. The Open Beta is available now through the PS Store.

Dreadnought flies into Open Beta
Gray Box, Six Foot and YAGER have launched their upcoming title Dreadnought into an Open Beta on the PlayStation 4.

Following a closed beta earlier this year, players now have access to all of the closed beta maps as well as two brand new areas and six night time variants. There are three game modes available (outside of training): Team Deathmatch, Team Elimination and Havoc. Havoc is a cooperative horde mode where three players fight against waves of increasingly more powerful enemies.

We are told that there will be five ship classes available in the full release, each suited to a certain role and playstyle. Front-line ships, Long-Range Bombardment vessels and strategic support ships will all be available. There will be over 50 craft to choose from in the full release of the title, all will be customisable through a vast array of weapons, expansion modules, covers and livery.

The Dreadnought Open Beta is available from the PS Store now!

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