Dragon Quest XI Release Dates Announced For PS4 And PC

The eleventh title in the Dragon Quest series will finally be released outside of Japan. The game has release dates for PS4 and PC. While a Switch port is in the works, it will not be coming out this year. We may not get a 3DS port at all.

Dragon Quest XI Release Dates Announced For PS4 And PC
Western fans of the grandfather of J-RPG's, Dragon Quest can rejoice! As Square Enix have announced the release dates for the eleventh title (Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age). The game will be released on September the fourth of this year (04/09/2018) for PS4 and, Surprisingly the PC which makes it the 1st mainline Dragon Quest title to get a PC port in the west! The localized ports will also come with a few enhancements. Aside from the inevitable English dubs, we also get a hard mode, faster dash speeds, overhauled menus and even a first person camera option!

Dragon Quest XI. One of the few game series that keep it classic
However the news isn't so great for Nintendo owners. While the Switch version is being developed, it will not be coming out this year. To make things more sour, the unique 3DS version of this game (which was a remake of the PS4 version, including both 2D and 3D art) will not be ported at all to the west. Maybe they plan on remastering the 3DS version and porting it to the switch. Who knows? For now we will have to wait.
An opening movie was recently released which you can watch below:

Are you excited for this game to be translated and released? Will you be getting the JP import of the 3DS version?

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