Dragon Quest Rivals Receives New Single-Player Mode

Dragon Quest Rivals, a free to play card game available on Switch and mobile in Japan, is receiving a new singleplayer mode. The update will rebrand the game as Dragon Quest Rivals Ace. It will also add a new story mode, card packs, and various new features.

Dragon Quest Rivals Receives New Singleplayer Mode

Square Enix has announced a new update for Dragon Quest Rivals, a free-to-play card game available for Switch and mobile devices in Japan. This update will add a new single-player mode, as well as new card packs and changes to the rules of the game. One of these changes includes each player starting out with four cards rather than three, which was changed last August. 

It’s also reported that the new single-player mode will be called “Solo Battle Adventure” and that the new wave of card packs will be called “Heroes of Triumphal Return”. Dragon Quest Rivals will also be rebranded as Dragon Quest Rivals Ace once the update launches in August. 

For those understandably unfamiliar with Dragon Quest Rivals, the game is similar to Hearthstone. Each player takes turns using monster, weapon, and spell cards in order to attack enemy units and the other player. Each card also requires mana or MP in Rivals, and the total each player has increases with each turn. Rivals also features various party members from the mainline games that are split into classes based on weapon type. While it’s only available in Japan, Dragon Quest Rivals is free and there’s a guide where you can learn how to make a Japanese Switch account. 

Check out the trailer below, featuring the original Dragon Quest Hero journeying to save Princess Gwaelin and more. 

Dragon Quest Rivals is available now in Japan for Switch on the Nintendo eShop, PC via Steam, iOS via the App Store, and Android on Google Play.

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