Dragon Ball FighterZ Finally Had Their Master Roshi Reveal

Dragon Ball FighterZ finally made the leaks official with their Master Roshi reveal. He will be released come September, with a showcase stream of his moveset being held before his release. After Roshi, we are in for at least two more characters before the year's end.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Finally Had Their Master Roshi Reveal

Today (August 16), FGC personalities Damascus and Tyrant hosted another iteration of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show. Discussing online tournaments while the game has a notoriously bad net code for an hour felt surreal, but then we got the actual reveal. Even though he got leaked a few months early, it’s fine to finally have confirmation in the form of the Master Roshi reveal! After him, the roadmap teased two more characters, but no further information was given.

Sadly we only got to see less than a minute of gameplay, but we saw what is presumably one of his auto combos. To end the footage, we see him performing his Evil Containment Wave as a level 3 super. Hopefully, we get a dramatic finish with him performing the technique on Piccolo. If you don’t remember, Roshi tried sealing away King Piccolo in the original Dragon Ball anime. The only reason he failed was that the technique killed him at the last second. Fans were expecting to get Roshi in his famous muscular form, but the gameplay shows him in his normal scrawny self. Who knows, maybe he will have a golden Frieza-esque transformation super to show off his burly pecs. Are you happy with the master Roshi reveal, or were you expecting someone else?

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