Dragon Age Director Leaves BioWare

Mike Laidlaw, who was working on Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, announced his leave several hours ago on Twitter. A long-time BioWare employee will now focus on playing — and streaming — games on Twitch. The exact reason behind this decision is yet unknown.

Dragon Age Director Leaves BioWare — Mike Laidlaw at a Dragon Age II Event
In a pinned tweet, Laidlaw said that it is with 'mixed emotions' he says goodbye to BioWare, admitting that, after 14 years working for the studio, it was time to move on. There is also a faint promise of coming back into the industry, as the former Dragon Age producer is looking forward to the 'next adventure together' with the fan community.

After Laidlaw publically annunciated the end of his career at BioWare, the Dragon Age-related job openings disappeared from the studio's website. There has been no official statement regarding the future of the franchise.

Mike Laidlaw first joined BioWare in 2003 to work as a lead story developer and writer for Jade Empire. Before working closely on the Dragon Age series, he used to be a writer for Mass Effect as well. In 2010 he was nominated for a BAFTA Games award for the Dragon Age: Origins story. You can virtually join him on his Twitch channel (today, according to another Laidlaw's tweet, is the Overwatch day). 

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