Dragalia Lost: Nintendo’s New Mobile Game

In a special Nintendo Direct, the company behind Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run will have you knowing your dragons from your wyverns in this new IP for mobile devices. Co-developed by Cygames, Dragalia Lost follows a prince as he gathers allies, fights monsters and transforms into almighty dragons, all with a few swipes of your thumb. Get ready to charge your mana circle, and your phone battery, the game will launch in Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Taiwan and the United States on September 27th, 2018.

Dragalia Lost Nintendo’s New Mobile GameDragalia Lost: Nintendo’s New Mobile Game

Little was known of Dragalia Lost when it was first revealed back in April. The dedicated Nintendo Direct (can be seen below) gives audiences the chance to see consistent gameplay while showering them with an abundance of details. Dragalia Lost takes place in a world where Dragons and Humans once co-existed, but due to the mystical Sacred Shard losing its power resulting in monsters roaming the lands, your protagonist prince seeks to revive the pact between human and dragon to save his kingdom. Think How to Train Your Dragon but with shapeshifting, and a chibi anime skin.

Dragalia Lost Mobile Direct 8.29.2018

Dragalia Lost is a real-time action JRPG where your team of heroes (of which there are more than 60 available) freely move about the game world casting and dodging AOE attacks. Switching between teammates on the fly with a tap of their icon and assembling the right balance of attack, defense, support & healing unit types is key, as well as being mindful of elemental type advantages and the different weapon types unique fighting styles. Although some could argue previous Nintendo mobile offerings like Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are watered down versions of the fuller console experiences, the same may not be said for Dragalia Lost which already shows more depth than the plot of 2006’s Eragon ever did.

Dragalia Lost - Announcement Trailer

Amid travels and slaying monsters, the protagonist will collect crystals. Collect enough and you’ll gain the ability to transform into a dragon, capable of immense damage. Those who still mourn the loss of Scalebound can take some solace here. Different dragons offer something different in battle but are all sure to prove useful against the various boss monsters. Something else that can help in battles is a summon. Summons are possible by spending in-game currencies: Wyrmite (acquired as a login bonus, through events etc.) or Diamantium (purchased with real money), and with it, players can randomly summon a character, a dragon or a Wyrmprint (an equipable artefact that increases a character attribute). The game also features a town building mode called ‘The Halidom’ and 4-player simultaneous multiplayer. Co-op multiplayer is bound to be a popular way to play Dragalia Lost, if not to be able to more accurately assess amongst friends whether the visuals look more like Ever Oasis or Legend of Legacy or Bravely Default.

Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s new IP with Cygames, is free-to-start, beginning its service on September 27th, 2018. While plans for Europe are yet to be announced, it will be coming to Android and iOS in Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Taiwan and the United States.

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