Dr. Mario World Gets a Release Date

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that a mobile game featuring Dr. Mario would be releasing this summer. Nintendo has officially revealed Dr. Mario World, highlighting gameplay mechanics and how microtransactions will play a role in the game.
Dr. Mario World Gets a Release Date

Dr. Mario World Gets a Release Date

Back in February, Nintendo announced Dr. Mario World would be coming to mobile devices this summer. Today, they officially announced that it will be making its way to Android and iOS devices on July 10, 2019.

Dr. Mario World is a puzzle-based game that will feature gameplay very similar to its predecessors. The objective is to line up colored pieces into groups of three to get rid of “viruses” that appear on the screen. The challenge of the game is created by restricting the number of capsules the player can use to defeat the enemies. Watch the video below to see a full rundown on how the game works.

Welcome to Dr. Mario World

In addition to a gameplay reveal, Nintendo also articulated how microtransactions will play a part in the game. Like most mobile game experiences, players are restricted on the number of “plays” they are given each day. Dr. Mario World is no different by making you spend “hearts” each time you play a stage. If you are short on time and are willing to drop some cash, you can purchase “diamonds” which will allow you to restore hearts. Alternatively, you can use diamonds to continue the stage you are playing.

The puzzle-based gameplay will be right at home on mobile devices, a platform that is a perfect pairing for “match three” styled games. In the last couple of years, Nintendo has made a strong push in the mobile market with titles such as Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Mario Kart Tour is currently in beta and is scheduled to release sometime this year.

While you wait for the release, you can pre-register for Dr. Mario World right now.

SOURCE: Official Dr. Mario Website

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