DOOM Is Now Available To Play…On A Pregnancy Test

In one of 2020's most unusual stories, someone has managed to create a functioning version of the classic 1993 FPS game DOOM, on a pregnancy test. After weeks of manipulation and engineering, Twitter user - Foone - has been able to port John Romero's iconic shooter to the most unlikely of formats.

DOOM Is Now Available To Play...On A Pregnancy Test Cover

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, we finally have something that the Simpsons didn’t predict. Whereas Back To The Future envisaged a high-tech future caked in innovation, hoverboards, and instant pizzas, we’ve actually gone further beyond – with DOOM on a pregnancy test. Certainly one of the stranger stories of 2020, but the ravaged life of Doomguy has somehow been transferred to a pregnancy test because DOOM isn’t available on enough formats apparently.

It’s quite the irony that Doomguy is generally a superhuman being that takes life away, and now he’s immortalized on a gizmo that generally signifies the beginning of life. Going under the Twitter handle of “Foone“, our ingenious creator is no stranger to hardware engineering as he restores ancient tech and meddles with current tech to challenge him as he sees fit.

Whilst it’s not exactly displayed in glorious 4K HDR, getting DOOM to play on a pregnancy test is still an impressive achievement nonetheless. It’s doubtful we’ll be seeing the newest entry, DOOM Eternal, anytime soon. In our DOOM Eternal review, we said “the hyper aggressiveness it entails makes Eternal quite unlike anything else on the FPS market.” If you’re thinking about it playing it anytime soon, then have a look at our Top 10 Tips For Surviving Doom Eternal too.

DOOM Eternal – Official Launch Trailer

DOOM Eternal is available to buy on PS4, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.

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