DOOM 64 Possibly Coming to Modern Consoles

Even more classic DOOM is on the way. A recent rating from the PEGI board suggests that DOOM 64 is coming to modern platforms. The game has been rated PS4 and PC, although it is possible that it could release on other consoles as well. This would be the game's first re-release since its debut on the N64.
DOOM 64 Possibly Coming to Modern Consoles

DOOM 64 Possibly Coming to Modern Consoles

DOOM 64 could be on the way to new platforms.

A recent listing on the PEGI rating board reveals that DOOM 64 has been rated PEGI-18 on PS4 and PC. This would suggest that a release on those platforms isn’t too far away.

This rating doesn’t rule out a release on any other consoles, either. The listing only mentions the platforms that the rating board reviewed specifically – if the content is the same on all platforms, then the game could easily be coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well. Considering that DOOM 64 was initially a Nintendo exclusive, it would be bizarre for this re-release to not appear on Nintendo’s hybrid.

This would be the first time that DOOM 64 has ever been re-released. Debuting on the N64 back in 1997, DOOM 64 was an all-new entry in the series, taking place after DOOM II. Unlike most other classic DOOM titles, it was not developed by iD Software. Instead, Midway Games, famous for the original Mortal Kombat games, handled development. To see what the game looks like, check out a complete playthrough of the entire game below, courtesy of YouTube channel LongplayArchive.

Longplay of DOOM 64

Considering that the latest release in the series, DOOM Eternal, is only a few months away, now would be the perfect time to continue celebrating the franchise’s history by re-releasing this classic shooter. It would also join the recently-released ports of the original DOOM trilogy on current consoles.

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